Grover Washington Jr.



Robert Palmer of Rolling Stone called Grover Washington, Jr., “the most popular saxophonist working in a jazz-fusion idiom.” And because of Washington’s great success some critics have downgraded his music, calling it bland, too commercial, and not real jazz. However, Washington is an obviously talented musician who always surrounds himself with other top-notch musicians and who has had the good fortune to string together a long procession of hit albums. As Albert De Genova wrote in down beat, “Grover Washington Jr. has found his niche, and though some are offended by his commercial ventures, no one can deny his musical abilities (or those of the musicians behind him). He creates mood music, soothing and pastoral, tinged with urban funk, done with taste and quality.”….(read more)


  • John Coltrane
  • Joe Henderson
  • Oliver Nelson

Tunes to Check Out:

  • Mister Magic
  • Lover Man
  • Winelight
  • Georgia on My Mind
  • Trouble Man
  • Just the Two of Us


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